Artist Workshops and Presentations

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The Contemporary Teapot: A Workshop

detail from ceramic teapot by Gerard J. Ferrari entitled Construction Beetle with Black Tribal TattoosCurrently, teapots are an avant-garde vessel and many artists are breaking boundaries with these vessels by creating teapots that are fun, funky, playful, shocking, disturbing, and not always useful.

This workshop will concentrate on the creation of idiosyncratic teapots. The individual artist's personal interest will inspire these vessels. Ideas will be developed through drawing and other idea formation techniques. In addition, inspiration will be drawn from viewing shared images of contemporary and/or historic teapots.

In this workshop, Gerard will demonstrate and discuss his creative process, influences, and techniques; however, emphasis will be placed on encouraging participants' individual motivations. Terra cotta, hand-building, and simple low-fire techniques will be the material and methods used.

The workshop will also include the study of historic and contemporary teapots and each participant will be encouraged to share some images of their favorite teapot artists.