Artist Workshops and Presentations

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Parts and Pieces: Defining Your Creative Goals

detail from ceramic teapot by Gerard J. Ferrari entitled Rocker Teapot with FossilGerard Justin Ferrari has created serial ceramic sculptures for most of his career. His artwork includes the Gizmology, Synthohuman, Orphaned Teapot, and currently the Protective Cocoon series'. Due to Gerard's numerous ideas and concerns, he has found it necessary to change his artistic direction regularly. Thus he is proficient at filtering and executing his ideas in an artwork grouping.

Artists often have numerous inspirations and ideas; however, some find it difficult to explore their creative needs through an individual piece. Gerard is one of these artists, and he uses serial art making as a way to represent his thoughts and concerns within a group of sculptures. This workshop will help participants define their idiosyncratic artistry and introduce them to the benefits of serial art making as a form of self-expression.

Drawing, stream of conscious writing, and image research will be used to encourage concise idea formulation for a potential artwork series. Gerard's thoughtful guidance, participant's individual artistic practices, and personal influences will be discussed and considered when determining an artistic direction for workshop participants.

In addition, Gerard will demonstrate and discuss his creative process, influences, and unique construction techniques. Emphasis will be placed on participants' individual motivations, artistic needs, and creative process as starting point for their own serial art. Participants will use red and white earthen ware clay and low fire surface finishing materials and products. An understanding of basic hand-building methods and an imagination is all that is required. Imagery of personal influences, previous artworks, and inspirational art-forms will be helpful to all.