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Parts and Pieces: Building With Many

detail from ceramic teapot by Gerard J. Ferrari entitled Construction Beetle with Black Tribal TattoosGerard Justin Ferrari uses numerous parts and pieces to create his ceramic sculptures, including the Gizmology, Synthohuman, Orphaned Teapot, and currently the Protective Cocoon series'. All of his forms contain many often seemingly disparate tromp-l'oeil ceramic parts. He fires and finishes pieces separately and then assembles them into one cohesive sculpture, or sculptural vessel. He creates works that are visually complex, however, his building and finishing process is relatively simple, albeit time consuming.

In this workshop, Gerard will introduce his creative process that starts with drawing as a method of idea formation. Then, he will demonstrate his building processes, and his surface development techniques. Like other contemporary ceramic artists, Gerard employs a variety of methods to create his artwork, and he has developed a unique way of building that suits his individual artistic needs.

In this workshop, Gerard will demonstrate and discuss his creative process, influences, and techniques; however, emphasis will be placed on encouraging participants' individual motivations. Terra cotta, hand-building, and simple low-fire techniques will be the material and methods used.

Participants will learn a variety simply and effective ways to assemble their own ceramic forms. Red and white earthenware clay and low fire surface finishing materials and products will be used. Individual creative endeavors will be encouraged; an understanding of basic hand-building methods and an imagination is all that is required. Imagery of personal influences, previous artworks, and inspirational art-forms will be helpful to all.