Orphaned Teapots: Artist Statement

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The Orphaned Teapot Series is my response to the current interest in fun and funky teapots. The essence of these orphaned objects is influenced by the question often asked by science fiction: how will life appear in the future?

I use this question as inspiration for the Orphaned Teapot Series. This group of playful characters is an amalgamation of biology, mechanics, and technology.

The visual language of industrial machinery, early and unrealized inventions, militaristic devices, contemporary technology, and mid-twentieth century appliances and toys influences these abstract sculptural forms.

At this point in time, humanity and technology are intricately connected. It seems evident that science fiction's cyborg may be close to becoming reality. What will carbon and silicon based life forms look like, and how will these chemical combination co-exist within living organisms that have also had their genes manipulated and changed?

The teapots' surfaces are inspired by aged-induced patinas. I am obsessed with humanity's discarded - thus orphaned - objects, and nature's reclamation of such debris evident in rust and decay. Using tromp-l'oeil rusted surfaces on these orphaned teapots, I establish a narrative dialogue with viewers' concerned with the current dystopia and the possible end of "life as we know it!"

However, it is my hope that these orphaned teapots will also inspire thoughts of a future utopia.

Gerard Justin Ferrari
February 2005