Synthohumans: Artist Statement

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The Synthohuman Series is my response to the conflict between the male and female gender roles. Western society has maintained a sexual divide since its beginning. Yet, the gender war should have been over long ago, because from my point of view, it is pointless and detrimental to everyone. Why does our culture not accept the beauty of both sexes, recognize that our differences are assets to humanity, and become more enlightened to the duality of genders within us all? Currently, every male and female is emotionally, spiritually, and physically suffering from the sexism of our culture. Perhaps potential for healing is with humanity's third sex: the hermaphrodite, a being of both genders.

To explore this idea these abstract, figurative sculptures are influenced by an amalgamation of medieval armor, early and unrealized inventions, mid-twentieth century appliances and toys, contemporary technology, mannequins, and cyborgs. I use trompe-l'oeil to represent my belief that sexual enlightenment is with the hermaphrodites of the world. I have also attempted to represent my idea of what I believe might represent a future enlightened being: one that is respectful and appreciative of all life, including but not limited to, the duality of the male and female in everyone.

In modern times, hermaphrodites in our world have been hidden, shunned, physically mutilated, and emotionally harmed; the English language does not have a singular pronoun that represents the presence of both genders. However, I believe it is the spiritual nature of the third sex that may be able to heal the conflict between the predominant genders. I find it interesting that hermaphrodites were once revered by ancient cultures, and were often spiritual leaders and medicine people of their communities.

Perhaps it is time to listen to this disenfranchised group of people, as our ancestors did, and return them to a place of honor among our communities. Is it not self evident that they would be able to enlighten us all and help us bridge the gap between the male and female? I believe we should not only welcome the third sex in western culture, but we should also give this group of people a place of honor and begin to learn from their life experiences as beings of both genders.

Gerard Justin Ferrari